I hardly slept that night and around 4am monday morning i was already awake, i looked at chinwe but she was still asleep, i pulled down the b---m area of her nightie exposing her bare b---m which i started sucking immediately while caressing her behind which seems to have enlarged a little, she soon woke up and saw me sucking her sweet b---m as i bit her nip.ples and she greeted me good morning as she smiled and i whispered you are so beautiful and i missed you’ to her. I guess that relaxed her mind making her happy cos i had no intention of having s.ex with her, i just did what i did just to make her happy and avoid un necessary sulking in the morning. She soon left for her room around 5am{cos she still goes to her room very early every other night she sleeps in my room} to avoid undue gossips even though i knew my close neighbours must have noticed the early morning opening of door but i still doubt whether they knew the person behind it cos if they knew the gossip would still have spread. The week soon ended very fast{monday-friday was uneventful, just the normal school routine} though i told chinwe on time that my niece would be coming to visit me for the weekend and she was very happy and according to her words couldnt wait to see a member of my extended family{cos she hasnt seen any of them before} much to my displeasure “well let her come first, i will still find a way” i said within me, agatha on her own part was more interested in me meeting her pastor that she didnt even ask me any question when i told her of my niece, or maybe she trusts me completely i reasoned. We planned to see her pastor on saturday morning which i agreed to, cos no matter my flaws i still love her and had even thought of introducing her to my mum and sisters to view their reaction and hear their comments. Adaora and i however now constantly speaks on phone to the extent that a third party listening to our call will think that i am speaking with my long time girlfriend, and she then told me she was coming on friday. i had already even stocked my fridge with enough fruits, biscuits, drinks{plus the malt i brought from home} and everyother thing especially rubbers which frank supplied me in large quantities{cos am always too shy to go and buy it on my own}.
Finally it was friday and exactly 4pm she called me to come and pick her up in Peace~motors. I smiled cos i had held myself for one week without s.ex waiting for this day….
To be continued

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