getting back to owerri that fateful afternoon, i headed straight to chinwes hostel and i smiled to myself cos i really missed her and i thought of the open hands in which she will recieve me with, “hmmm chinwe”, i said to myself as i smiled….. I got to her hostel around 2pm that sunday and she hugged me tightly immediately she saw me, “i missed you she said to me” and began to cry. I was highly surprised with her outburst and i dragged her with me to her bed, “baby is it because i was gone for few days that you are crying” i asked her quietly as i cleaned her tears, “hmmm has her love gotten to this extent” i asked myself, “my mum is seriously sick”, she said to me as she held my shoulder and cried the more. A lump appeared on my throat and i swallowed my saliva, “since when”, i finally heard myself ask, “since after dads burial but it just got worst yesterday”, she replied, but “why didnt you call me immediately you heard it” i asked her with a sad expression and she raised up her face and looked at me in the eye, “i just dont want to be a pest on you, its just that i couldnt hide my feelings any longer, i never even planned on telling you” she said to me with grief and i looked at her with compassion and love, “why must it be only chinwe that all this sorrows are befalling” i asked myself again as i kissed her forehead, “do you want to go and see her today?” i asked her and she nodded her head, “yea, but i dont even have transport fare” she said to me as tears fell out of her eyes again and seriously its hard to watch chinwe cry without joining her, but i held myself, “well go and get ready before evening sets in”, i said to her and she smiled at me with love and gratitude as she cleaned her tears, “thanks dearie, thats why i always want you to be around me” she said to me before running into her bathroom to freshen up and i shook my head as i watched her leave, “pls God do help her” i prayed cos chinwe do not really deserve all these pain and sorrows, “hmmm some students are really suffering and enduring alot” i said to myself as i picked up her phone……

To be continued….

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