How can you be near me yet so far away?.
I look into your eyes and see nothing inside.
I gave you my heart to keep and you gave it back to me in pieces.
I should have seen it coming, but I was too naive and innocent.
I fell right into your trap.
Day after day you said you loved me, I felt like I was floating on cloud nine.
I believed everything you told me;
Everyone tried to warm me,
They said you were seeing someone else,
I laughed it off and stood up for you.
But when I caught you in the act,
I was lost for words.
How long have you kept me in the dark?
Making me believe things that were not real.

One look at her and my world came crashing down.
Catching you cheating on me so carelessly, brought tears down my face.
My heart stopped beating for a minute.
I trusted you with my life and you stabbed me in the back.

Afraid of what I might do next, I simply left without looking back
There’s no need for revenge.
Karma will take care of you.

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