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Agent VIII (Action)

All for you (Romance)

Adventures of Johnysky (+18)

Adventures of Johnsky season 2 (+18)

Aunty Tope (+18)

Adventure with street kids (+16)

Adanna season 1 (+18)

Adanna season 2 (+18)

Adanna season 3 (+18)

A man and his price (Reality)

Allen avenue (Action)

Aiden my Angel (Romance)

Agonies of a househelp (Reality)

A mother’s sacrifice (Reality)

Afraid to love (Reality)

A man’s destiny (Literature)

All in a circle (Romance)

An evening with Eva (Action & Romance)

A Thorn On My Flesh (Romance)

Adventures of big T (+18)

Another short story

As You Make Your Bed (Romance)

Adventure with aunty caro (+18)

Adesewa (Romance)

Astray in Love (Romance)

A New Beginning (Romance)

A dream to kill my father

Anini Reloaded (action)

A Twist of Fate (romance)

A Wise Man




A New Beginning (Literature)

Ada’s Dreams (short story)

A New Creation (literature)

Annarose (+18)

A mean concensus (Literature)

A beautiful thing


Broken seal (+16)

Broken seal season 2 (+16)

Betrayed by my body (+16)

Burn again (+16)

Breaking story


Blood for Blood (Action)

Belina season 1 (romance)

Belina season 2 (romance)

Before the darkness (Literature)

Betrayal (season 1) (romance)

Betrayal (season 2 & 3) (romance)

Betrayal season 4

Beautiful things (romance)

Bro Paul (Christian story)

Broken Trust (romance)…

Broken promises *romance*

Bedsheets (romance)

B.i.t.c.h (+18)

Brainy and the Witch Girl

Bloodline season 1

Best Friends

Boobs Passion

Battle for Justice


Benson and Amanda (romance)

Brother Wale (romance)

Birthday gift

Bra Boy (+18)

Blind Desire (romance)



Coffee Shop (Romance)

Christmas night (horror)

Compulsory marriage season 1(+18)

Compulsory Marriage season 2 (+18)

Could this be love season 1 (+18)

Could this Love season 2(+18)

Could this be love season 3(+18)

Could this be love season 4(+18)

Community sl-ut! (+18)

Cheaters (+18)

Crime and adventure (+16)

Controlled part 2(+16)

cassandra season 1(romance)

cassandra season 2 (romance)

Clara The State governor’s daughter (romance)

Cyber lover (+16)

Campus babe (+16)

Careless Lover (+16)

Choices and Consequences (+16)

Could this be love (+18)

Cursed or the cause

Controlled (+16)

Consequences of being wicked(+16)

Chronicles of Isioma (+16)

Chris sniper season 1

Confessions of a Teenager

Chasing Hope

Confessions of a Funaab Yahoo Boy (+17)

Cynthia season1(+17)


Candle in the wind

Cole and the Demon 2

Clarity by Joy (+16)

Captain Jackson (action)

Confession of a rugged Naija guy (+18)


Dance in the grave yard

Diana Tales of a mermaid (+16)

Diary of me and my missing part (+16)

Demons on church street season 2 (horror)

Destiny for sale

Demons on church street season1 (horror)

Dirty game (+16)

Dark Angel (+16)

Dental Mental

Dracula (+16)

Direction (+16)


Daniella (romance)

Death on Birthday (crime)

Destiny Delayed but Unchanged

Diana Tales of a mermaid season 2


Even Your Boo Get A Boo (+16)


Escapades in the north (+18)

Endless Tears season 1 (romance)

Endless Tears season 2 (romance)

Elizabeth my Love Race (romance)

Esther (romance)

Evergreen (romance)

End Time Horror (short story)


Fuel station love (romance)

Friday the 13th (crime)

From Ghetto with love (+17)

Final Encounter (+17)

Facebook girl season 1 +18

Facebook girl season 2&3 (+18)

Facebook girl season 4 (+18)

Facebook girl season 5 (+18)

Facebook girl season 6 (+18)

Facebook girl season 7 (+18)

Facebook girl season 8 (+18)

Facebook girl season 9 (+18)

Fausat the fish seller (+18)

Food is Ready

Fate or Mistakes (romance)

Flames of Paradise (romance)

Funke my sexy secretary (+18)

Friday the 13th (crime)

Final Days in School (+16)

Fausa Eleja season 1 *+18*

Fausa elaja season 2 (+18)

Fausa Eleja season 3 (+18)

Fausa Eleja season 4

A Father’s Pain (+16)


Game of the legend (+16)

Girl of my Dream (romance)


How 2go landed me in a mental home (comedy)

How I fu.cked my primary 4 teacher (+18)

Hell’s Angel

Homeless but not Hopeless (+16)

How i started stealing pots with food on fire (comedy)

How I Cherished my Sister (romance)

Hot Beans (comedy)

Heart Code (+16)

How to Pass a Failed Test (+16)

Honeymoon season 1 (romance)

Had I known (romance)


Isadora (romance thriller)

I’m In Love (romance thriller)

Ije (the journey)

Intermission (+16)

Intermission season 2 (+16)

In the house of God season 1 (+18)

In the house of GOD season 2 (+18)

In the house of god season 3 *+18*

izi jae season 1

I see things others don’t season 1 (+18)

I see things others don’t season 2 (+18)

I love my life

It was just a dream (+16)

Individual Cross (+16)

Intertwined Fate

Igbo smoking keke driver (comedy)


Just because of love

Journey to Nomansland (+18)

Journey with my step mum (+18)

Jide (+18)

Journey to igbo irumole

Joann’s death


Kast (+16)


Life on campus (+16)

Love or Destiny (+16)

Lekki Houseboy (+18)

Life story of an Addict (+18)

Love from vict-vames (romance)

Legend of Empress Li (romance)

Looking for a wife (romance)

Land of no return

Let me be your wife

Loving Two

Love in the Den(romance)

Love misplaced trust (romance)

Lethal Bride (romance)

Loss of Dignity

Love and Revenge (romance)

Local champion (romance)

Love Adventure (romance)


Long distance relationship

Love Diary


My Experience with a Virgin hunter

Motherly love & lunch break

My Landlady, & her daughters

Me my sister & her friends

Merlin season 6

My Valentine experience

Mr perfect season 1

Mr Perfect season 2

My Virgin story



My Life

My Woman My Everything

My Adventure to the bank

Me, the girls & my guys season 1

My Boss Wife

My Undercover life

My life story by passiflora

My life’s diary

My wife & i

mr lecturer season 1

mr lecturer season 2

My fathers wife part 1

My fathers wife part 2

My life on campus

Mission on earth

My life as a yahoo boy season 1

My Sorry letter

My Strippers Night out Sexcapades


My Father’s Desire

My Ordeal with the Ritualist

My Days in an Undisclosed High School

My Life Story

My Life In Ozoro Polytechnic season 2

My Love Life

Me and my Supernatural Girlfriend

My Hero

My Life in my Pastor’s House

My Life in Hilton High School

My NYSC diary and 21 days in Camp

My Nysc diary season 2

mission impossible

My life as an upcoming actor

My Celebrity Girlfriend season 1

My celebrity girlfriend season 2

Midnight saga

My Nysc Diary season 1



My Commander by Capt Victor

My first night as a first class prostitute

My Mother In Law



Naughty sally

Nysc: My service to my principal


Nothing like Love

Nick the house help

Nothing like Love 2


Our office our clients

One wrong Turn

ogechi and i

Omolara’s faith

Online Romance

Ordeal of a pastor’s son

Oga Titus

Ojolakunle Johnson part 1

Oregun boys


Phobia of Love

Pay Back

Patron of Matrimony


Punish Me Lord

Poor but Rich

Phobia Of Love

Play Boy



Runs girl

Run away Bride


Ritual Killings in Nigeria

Rebound Girl

Rain Makers


Shades of Romance

Shades of lust season 1

Shades of lust season 2

Single but living married season 1

Single but living married season 2

Second Chance season 1

Second chance season 2

Sister Mary

Sexual Assault

Shadows from the past


Strange Saga



Son of The Orb season 1

Son of the orb season 2


Sisters Bond

Smiling Baby


Snake Ladies season 1

Snake Ladies season 2

Snake Ladies 3

Story of a Survivor

Save Me

Seven days to make a Man

Seven days to make a man

Silent seduction

Shalewa the bad Girl

She belongs to the kitchen

She slept in the kitchen


The President’s daughter season 1

The President’s daughter and I season 2

The Mistake of my life

The Magnificent brothers season 1

The Magnificent Brothers season 2

The missing key

The cherry popper

Tears of crime

The cleaning Lady

Two sides of the coin

Treasure and the lucky Digger

Thorns in my boot ( A soldier’s travail)

The Stalker

The Village Gardner

The Sexton house

The saviour

The Clan rise of the dark

The first day I toast a girl season 1

The first day I toast a girl season 2

The first day I toast a girl season 3

The adventure of Idris season 1

Taking chances

Travails of an abused woman

The killer

The Widower


Three girls same school

The life I lived

The Tale of a private lesson teacher

The hot Runs girl

The Church accountant season 1

The church accountant season 2

The girl he never noticed

The wolf in sheep’s clothing

Times lesson

Temi (mine) All about true love

The only beautiful girl in my area season 1

Tales of a Lagos babe

To love a stranger

Tales by the Brothel

Theophilus the cultist

The devil who loved me

Total love

The activist

The Guardians

The inter-house sport competition

Teenage love

Tale of a believer

To love a stranger

The King

The Challenges

The Search

The Kidnappers

The Lost Wallet

Tales of a houseboy

The Wife i never had

The Messenger


The Robbery Attack

The Bang

The Assault

The Pen

The imbecile and epileptic

The Incident

Thriller Night in my Father’s House

The Cathegist

To love and leave

The Painful Regret

The Barrack Boy

The Exodus

The Coward Lover


The Heart of an Assassin

The Love and Regrets that never ends

Trials of a Drug Addict

The Beginning

The Child of Destiny

The Nightmare

The Curse

The Get-away

The Heat of Virginity

The Boss Son


The Game

The story of Nadiaa cry for help

The magnificent brothers season 3

The Loophole

The Silent Movie

The Heist

The rebirth season 1

The saviour

The Day I started Living a fearful life

Three days to remember

The Cartel


Unforgettable mistake


Unbreakable Love


Vacation in obudu

Vampire Diaries


Waiting by joy

Wild ones

Web of mistakes

Wedding Night

We are able

When the tide of the heart changes

Who love me most

Who love me most 2

Withered rose

WhatsApp Adventure season 1

Whatsapp adventure season 2





24 days before Christmas

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