Frank reckless intimate behaviour was getting to an alarming stage, especially his love of being intimate with sandra without any form of protection. But when i raised the question to him, he simply waved it off, telling me that sandra always takes care of it. On further inquiry he revealed to me many orthodox means which sandra goes through in order to avoid getting pregnant, some of them were very disgusting and unbelievable that sometimes i wonder whether my friend is actually potent cos his birth control methods seems ineffective to me. Examples of some of them are, drinking of alcohol after sex which he claims washes down everything, drinking of water immediately after sex and also the most unbelievable was the soaking of some selected leaves in a bowl on an evaporating hot water and sitting over it. Seriously all these were very disgusting to me but at least i was learning fast.

This kind of environment which i found myself in, really made reading and concentration hard for me, and i narrowly scaled through to my second year.
I was still a virgin but it was mainly due to my lack of morale cos i was meeting girls, but i couldnt go further than being just friends to them by then juliet i used to play with had also gotten very serious with her boyfriend and left me alone.

Seriously, i knew i was very dull but my happiness was that no one knew about my little jamboree with juliet, cos trust guys they would have tunted{yabbed} me if they knew.
However frank finally succeeded in toasting and getting stella’s heart {the sales girl i mentioned earlier} by then as fate would have it Alvan was on vacation{break} and sandra travelled leaving frank with a decent opportunity to get intimate with his new girl who has started closing her shop early in order to visit frank every late evening, this continued almost everyday but frank told me that she was being difficult to harness, “that she is claiming virgin”, even though she allows him to exploit and enjoy her b---m
to be continued…..

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