frank was suprised to see me at his hostel that afternoon cos he knew adaora was coming to visit me, so he never expected to see me till monday, but he clearly hid his suprise as he welcomed us and i introduced both frank and joy to adaora, as frank complimented and joked about her beauty, we all laughed and adaora relaxed and joined joy in watching a nigerian movie playing on their t.v screen, i soon signalled to frank and we went outside where i told him of my problem, he laughed and said it wasnt a big deal that i should just relax and spend my time out while calling agatha on phone and telling her that i would be returning late and she should not bother to wait for me after cooking’, that sounded like a very good idea and i called agatha telling her not to wait for me after cooking, she sounded very sad and demanded to know the reason of my delay and i promised to tell her when i return and she agreed, atleast step one is over i said and frank laughed but then i knew i would still be staying out until around 6pm or so cos i do not really know how long it will take agatha to finish the cooking and there is no how i and adaora would stay in franks house till that time cos i knew adaora would soon get bored so i told frank to prepare so that we can all go out together and kill time. We were soon speeding out, stopping at mr biggs okigwe road to buy some ice cream’s and after that headed to mbari kitchen to drink pepper soup and we stayed there till around 6pm before we started heading home and i dropped frank and his girl joy at his hostel. We reached my hostel around 6:45pm and adaora was extremely happy and even gave me a very hot kiss which suprised me as she told me that no one has ever treated her this special before and i pinched her a.s.s as i told her cos she is special to me and she winked at me. We were very tired and she soon rushed into the bathroom to take her bath while i used the opportunity to call agatha and tell her that i was back, i also thanked her for the food she prepared for me and we spoke some romantic words before i ended the call and immediately carried the pots of food to my fridge where i hid them. Then finally it was time to sleep cos adaora was too tired to even watch t.v so we had to go to bed early as i rehearsed the method i will use on adaora cos tonight would be my first time of touching her….
To be continued

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