I soon noticed that she had fallen asleep and decided to free her so that she can get her sleep and rest well before i start. I later fell asleep and woke up around 3am in the morning and i immediately drew closer to her as i touched and caressed her body starting from the neck region, after a while of hot caressing i pulled down the hand of her sleevless nightie as i squeezed and pressed her bosoms, she woke up and asked me what i was doing but i did not reply as i kept on handling her bosoms before finally placing my mouth on them and sucking hungrily, she moaned and turned towards me as i immediately held her a.s.s feeling and massaging it, she held my head and drew it closer to her b---m as she caressed my head and moaning softly, at last adaora is definitely mine i thought as i changed to kill switch, moving my hand from her a.s.s to her k---y as i played with its surroundings, she was already wet and was even moving her waist to and fro as my fingers worked their magic, i then removed my mouth from her b---m and placed it on hers as she opened her mouth and i felt her taste, i licked the hollow of her mouth for awhile and then focused on her tongue while i pinched her ni.p.ples with my other free hand and she moaned louder and i thought i had gotten her down, and immediately tried to remove her pant with the hand i was using on her k---y but was suprised when she held me saying no, at first i thought it was the normal blocking thing them girls do sometimes and i tried to continue again, this time she also stopped the kissing and freed herself from me as she said “no val i cant” why? I asked as i found my voice “lets not rush this” she said as she placed her hand on my chest{cos i had even unbuttoned my shirt} and she squeezed my ni.p.ples as she said “am really sorry dear but i will tell you the reason in the morning”. I was already excited but held myself cos the last thing i would do will be to insist cos i do not want to do anything that will disgrace me and my family, and i smiled to her saying “dont worry i should even be the one to apologise to you” and she smiled back saying “you are a darling” while i reasoned what the hell could have been so important that would make her refuse me s.ex this early morning cos she wasnt in her period and i had no other choice than to wait till morning….
To be continued

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