I was really unhappy with the way adaora denied me s.ex that early morning even though i clearly hid it and i was still battling with my thoughts when i dozed off again. I woke up very late that sunday morning, the time must have been around 8am and i jerked up as i opened my eyes and noticed that it was already daybreak, adaora was already at my balcony and my heart flew when i saw the pot of stew agatha had prepared yesterday which i hid inside my fridge on the floor beside my stove. “val good morning” she smiled at me and i replied wondering how to go about explaining how the stew got there to her cos i was afraid that she must have noticed that the two pots were not in my fridge before we went out yesterday, but was suprised when she said “hmmm val i didnt even know you can cook perfectly well” i grunted saying “am a student nah” as i turned to enter back to my room in order to hide my relief. I soon brushed and freshened up and left adaora as she was boiling rice to go and see chinwe, cos i havnt heard from her since friday evening which was very much unlike her and you never can tell what is in a girls mind. Chinwe opened her door and i entered as she gave me an askance look before continuing in her church preparation{she never misses 9am service} she never even bothered to say “a good morning” to me and i sat down looking at her, she continued in her dressing and pretended not to notice my presence and i said “baby how are you” she kept quiet “baby am talking to you nah” another silence from her “nawaoo” i said as i got up and moved to her front saying “baby whats wrong” she still kept quiet, and i was confused. On a very good day whenever she was moody i always hold her waist tickling her or carrying her but today wasnt “a very good day” and i stood confused looking at her as she turned her back on me “if only she had talked i could have felt better” cos one thing about silence or about someone you are talking to not replying or noticing you is that it makes you look like a fool and i just regretted coming to her room in the first place, but then can i leave her room with this kind of embarassment?, definitely no! She must talk to me before i leave this room i said to myself…
To be continued

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