I forced a smile and told her that “i was fine” but adaora wasnt giving up in her questions cos she wasnt convinced with my answer, she just gave me a second look and gently dropped the plates of rice and stew on the rug{cos she was already through with the cooking when i came back} and came towards me, i avoided her gaze and sat down on my foam{as i said earlier my foam was the high type and i also added the foam i was using when staying with frank on it, making it very high} she came and sat beside me “whats the matter?” she finally asked me and i knew then that i must give her a satisfactory answer even though i felt to be left alone that moment “could you believe that i lent my neighbour 5k last week to pay me back on friday only for me to see him today and he was giving me flimsy excuses, thats why i hate helping guys out” i lied with an unhappy expression written over my face, “its that all” she said and smiled as she dragged me down to the rug “come lets eat jare” she said as i smiled to myself as i noticed the ease in which she bought my lie. One thing i had perfected very well in my early years in the university is the act of telling lies and pretence, that i no longer give out much effort in doing them and i also knew that many students were also experts in them as well. We ate our meal in silence as i threw adaora occasional glances and she finally asked me why i was looking at her that way, “cos i never knew your type could like a guy like me” i said as she laughed looking down and saying “you are funny”. Adaora is really the jovial and lively type that you can never have any dull moment with her, we played and joked throughout that morning and immediately she was done with her bath, i carried her gently playing with her body and gradually getting intense as i shifted my attention to her bosoms as i teased and bit her ear with my tongue and lips, i soon felt the product of my actions cos she was soon wriggling her body, “wait please” she pleaded making me stop momentarily as i looked at her and she gazed at me as well “what is the problem dearie” i asked and she keep quiet for a while before saying “its not as if i dont like you, i have always liked you since childhood but i dont know for you, do you love me?” she asked and i was suprised with her sudden question as i asked myself “do she really think any guy will say no to this question” and i answered “yea baby” “i have also been dreaming about you since childhood” really she exclaimed and i saw joy and happiness all over her face as she said “baby that means i will share my secret with you” and i gazed at her with question mark on my face…..
Pls friends i would continue in the evening cos of work tinz plssss
To be continued….

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