i gazed at her with question mark on my face and wondered what the hell would be her secret, anyway am all ears i said to myself as i looked at her beckoning her to commence, “promise me that it will be between us” she said and i promised her, she then took a deep breath and said “am telling you my story cos you prömised to keep it within you and because you are now the love of my life, i dont keep secrets so am opening my heart to you cos i now trust you besides am a very emotional girl” she stopped while i nodded and beckoned on her to continue ” i had been used and dumped before, my heart had been broken once and i had cried for a guy before” she said and i still nodded my head beckoning her to continue “i used to have a guy i was dating when i got my admission newly, he was my cousins friend and he was the one who helped me out with my admission formalities{registration things} i gave him my trust my love and my heart, he promised to be by my side always but as soon as he disvirgined me, he started playing God to me yet i still endured and continued loving him, but instead of reciprocating he started cheating on me with numerous girls and whenever i confront him, he will flare up and sometimes even try to beat me, i thought i could change him but instead he continued to the extent that he even stopped calling me” she stopped and i saw that the colour of her face had changed, and i feared she might break down, but she continued “i was so young and naive then but the last straw was when i visited him during the weekend without calling him, i had wanted to suprise him cos he was in his finals then and living off campus but i got the greatest shock of my life when i met a girl in his apartment and he introduced me to the girl as his former girlfriend, i left his house that evening promising not to love again and i had been keeping with that promise till now, and am still skeptical about guys even though you seem different and your sisters also assured me” my sisters! i exclaimed “yea they told me everything i dont know about you” she said so you see, i am an emotional and heartbroken girl and i dont want to be dumped again, so tell me with all sincerity do you have a girlfriend? She asked me, looking intently at me, i was really in a fix this time cos even though i am a cheat, i do have a conscience and i prefer strong willed girls who can have the heart to leave you without creating a scene than adaoras type, but then its too late cos i had previously told her that i love her, and finally i said “i currently have no girlfriend unless you would be willing to be mine” she smiled and said “offcourse” as i bent down and kissed her while she opened her mouth and held me saying “baby i want you, it has been so long i did this” i became very much excited as i proceeded to remove her cloths, but then someone started, knocking on my door and i cursed under my breath and decided to ignore it, but adaora heard it as well and stopped me saying “baby someone is at your door go and check who is it” and i unhappily and fearfully went to open my door “who could it be” i wondered…..
To be continued

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