i fearfully opened my door and it was ugochukwu standing in front of my door “guy abeg help me with your matches” he said, i was kind of annoyed with his disturbance but also relieved that he was the one at my door. Ugochukwu is a hostel mate and also one of the guys that use our hostel general balcony as their smoking joint, my room was close to the balcony and they always disturb me always asking for matches and never returning it, that i had even gotten tired of always buying matches which i never use, anyway i gave him the matches and he left. Adaora was lying on my bed when i returned to her, placing a kiss on her lips as i brought down the hand of her top{she was wearing a female singlet} and also removed her bra at the same time, freeing her delicious bosoms, i immediately started sucking them one after the other as she moaned while opening the button of my shirt with her hand after which she started squeezing and pinching my n.i.pples, it really felt good and after a while i brought down my hand to her behind as i opened the zip of her skirt and removing it, i slipped my hand inside her pant as i f.inge.red her sweet smooth k---y, she started wriggling her waist as i concentrated on her c--t, stroking it like a guitar, her fluid gushed out as she said “please enter now” and she immediately reached for my knicker, opening the zip and drawing out my Joystick, she was really drawing it out with force even though it had enlarged to its limit that i really had to indulge her before she tears my Joystick out of my body, i reached under the bed brought out a rubber opened and slid it on as she pulled off her pants, opened her legs and braced herself for the reception of my Joystick, even though she was very wet her k---y was still very tight as i penetrated and she screamed digging her fingers on my body, i became scared thinking that ugochukwu might over hear her scream from the balcony{cos sunday mornings are always quiet, most students went to church n any small noise can easily be heard}, anyway i pulled in slowly as she felt me and i increased my pace as i dug and pulled, she really cumme.d very fast and i also did c.um later, buh as i tried to get off her and prepare for a second round she held me begging me to lay on her and leave my Joystick inside her for a while that she cant take a second round for now, “hmmm” i had no choice but to oblige her after all “nightfall she will still be mine” i said to myself and i looked at her and saw the joy of satisfaction on her face, but after a while i had to free myself in order to dispose the used condom still on me cos i wasnt feeling comfortable again, i was at the toilet disposing it when there was a knock on my door again, i thought it was ugochukwu and said “hmmm dis one dis guy dey return my matches for the first time nawaoo” as i went to open my door, but was suprised when i opened my door and it was chinwe in her church clothes standing outside my door, ‘d--n’ and adaora is still on the bed Unclad i gasped “chieeeeey” i almost exclaimed…..
To be continued tomorrow….

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