‘d--n’ the situation i found myself was one which needed fast thinking and i immediately acted on impulse, by stepping out of my room, closed my door and blocked the entrace by standing in front of my door, chinwe was suprised but never showed it, she just kept a straight face and looked at me “you embarrased me out of your room this morning, so you aint entering mine” i said with a silly look, she just sneered and said “who wants to enter your room? Abeg i wan collect my plates” and without another word i went back into my room, brought out her plates and gave it to her, she simply took her plates from me and walked away without looking back. I was very much shaken up as i went back to my room, seriously in thoughts and wondered whether i had finally lost chinwe for good.
Adaora and i spent the rest of the day watching music and movies and soon it was nightfall again, i already had in mind on continuing with my unfinished se.x with her, that as soon as we had bathed for the night i did not waste time in playing with her body and it wasnt long before we got intense once again and i tried to pull off her pants. But She held me and looked at me in suprise “what are you trying to do?” she asked me, i smiled confidently saying that i want to take her back to jupiter, she looked at me in astonishment “but you just had your way with me today or dont tell me you love me because of se.x” she asked me as i moped at her sheepishly, my Joystick had already fallen and i immediately felt silly and regretted my action, cos this girl is not like others and besides she knew my family well and any slightest mistake on my part could be embarassing to me and my family. “am sorry, i thought you wanted it” was all i could mutter “no am not that kind of girl she replied” as i apologised again and she smiled and held me saying “its ok”
she soon slept that night and i lay awake thinking whether this girl is really worth loosing chinwe for cos she seemed like the kind of girl who will write time table for having se.x with me….
To be continued

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