monday morning i drove adaora to the park where she boarded enugu bus and left. I really had an unforgettable weekend, that as i drove from the park to school i asked myself ‘whats next’, i did not see agatha in school that day even though we spoke on phone and as i went back to my hostel after school i wondered whether my decision concerning adaora was the best cos am not good with a distant relationship even though adaora is like family to me but then adaora and agatha are almost the same to me in terms of s.ex cos keeping both of them would not make any difference in my life, instead i will always be s.ex starved. Is not like i could not go after other girls who will be willing to give me s.ex but then i have passed that stage of a student life cos am now rounding up with my education and i needed to focus seriously on my project, i then realised that chinwe whom i valued less was really much more important to me but i had not valued her because of the circumstances surrounding our affair, what have i done i asked myself for i now realised that ‘i had spat out sugar i was fed on and accepted to eat salt’. Now adaora has gone can i be able to redeem chinwes love, would she take me back i asked myself even though i knew chinwe never caught me in the act but my guilty conscience was working overtime, i knew that chinwe loved me very well and i prayed for her love to overcome her pride. Finally around 8pm monday evening i summoned up courage and went to her room, praying inwardly for success and she soon opened her door with laughter on her face and i was glad she was atleast in a good mood and i became over joyed as she let me in without questions,and i entered thinking my prayers has been answered but i soon stopped as i entered her room cos sitting on a lone chair inside her room was james{her former boyfriend} and he was the one who had cracked the joke that put the smile on her face, i felt shocked or should i say JEALOUS as i stood moping stupidly…
To be continued tonight

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