“my guy longest time” james said as i stood confused cos i never expected to see him in chinwes room *talkless* of this late hour, however i had not seen him recently and i attributed it to my busy schedule, but then “what the hell is he doing here” i asked myself cos i thought i had settled him with some of my not-too close female friends{that i gave him their contacts and all} when he was having problems initially with chinwe. “my guy” james called again and i immediately got my composure as i saw he was looking intently at me, “you don forget me nah” i said to him and he laughed saying “you are always busy nah” i sat down on chinwes bed knowing fully well that my plans had shattered and i wondered what might be in james mind seeing me in chinwes room cos most of we male students have learnt to hide our thoughts with a smile that you never can guess what your smiling friend is planning for you, chinwe and i are making up again james said with an innocent gesture and chinwe smiled making me more nervous and jealous “damnit” i said under my breath but james was kind of giving me a searching look that i had no other option than to smile and say “in that case let me leave you two love birds alone” as i stood up and headed towards the door, “no you can stay” james said to me but i was already at the door and gave him a boyish wink which really wasnt from my mind. As i went to my room that night i felt a piercing pain in my heart and was really surprised cos i thought i felt nothing for chinwe and i reasoned whether she felt the same pain when she saw me with adaora and even agatha but then “she didnt catch me doing anything silly with them” i said to myself “but was she doing anything with james?” i still asked myself and through out that night i kept tossing around on my bed and was unable to sleep.
Tuesday was lecture free day{seemed like the university lecturers were doing one kind of seminar that day} so i invited agatha over atleast her presence will be enough for me i thought. She soon came around 10am and we enjoyed each others company until around 10:45am when her phone rang and it was bro paul{her presumed fiancee} i became very uneasy and angry which was very unusual of me and after she was through with her call i snapped at her telling her that it is time she ended everything with bro paul, she was extremely surprised and held her jaw as i ranted and when i was done she asked me whether i do not trust her anymore “i dont know again” i said, she stared at me angrily and told me that relationships is all about trust but since i do not trust her that she is going, until i can learn to trust her, “go jor any small thing you are leaving” i shouted at her and she stood up “what is wrong with you today, please am leaving cos i cant let you spoil my day” she said and stormed out of my room angrily. I did not even bother to call her back, but just sat as i was looking at the blank wall….
“Hope i havnt gone insane because of a girl”… To be continued tomorrow

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