I later travelled home for two weeks cos my father got a political appointment and we needed to celebrate a little. On my return frank gisted me that he had succeeded in f*cking stella, he grinned telling me that he did it upto six times with her for the past one week after i travelled, i curiously asked whether she was a virgin in which he replied nah though she was still tight. We joked about it. However We were suprised when on monday morning frank recieved a call from stella telling him that she had been sent home {she was from anambra state} he asked her whether everything was fine and she said yes, but we however reasoned that her little prank with frank might have been exposed and her aunt whom she was selling things for had to send her packing before she will bring problem on her head. Though she was late in doing so.
We soon forgot about her. There was this girl that i have been admiring since my first year, her name was pamela. she was tall dark and slim. I used to daydream about her often till one day i summoned courage and approached her, frank was with me that fateful day, it was at the front of the school new laboratory, we were going in for practical that day and when i stopped her she smiled at me {we knew each other facially cos we attend same lectures though have not talked to her before} i said hey watsup, she answered cool, pls i would like to have your number cos there is something i wud like to discuss with you i said, she anwered: sure 080……..
My joy knew no bound that day, cos i knew i was making a headway for the first time, unknown to me my friend frank had an evil agenda in his mind. I was suprised the following morning when he prepared to school early before me {cos i was a science student while my friend was in humanities so i always prepare to school before him cos their lectures do start late} i said : hmmm this one you are going this early, and he answered that they had an early morning text.
When i got to school that morning i was surprised to see him around my faculty…
To be continued….

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