I spent the remaining part of that tuesday in a bitter mood and i had never felt so lonely before, i tried watching t.v but was unable to focus, i even tried chatting with adaora via bbm but soon got tired, i just felt as if some part of my body was not there again and i really felt very uneasy and even too tired to visit frank. I tried calling chinwe but she kept on rejecting my calls, that with each reject{end} button she presses, a sharp pain flies across, hitting my heart, i tried calling agatha but hers was worst she just didnt pick her phone but instead switched it off. I managed to sleep that night, even though i was unable to remember whether i slept upto an hour. I went to school on wednesday morning on that sour note and flirted with my project partner{the girl i mentioned earlier} that day in order to forget the pains of those two silly girls {so i thought} but not after i had bought her african salad in school and even bought another food for her when i dropped her in her hostel later that day. I wasnt really attracted to her or was she even beautiful though she was ‘ok’ as a girl but she was the only female close to me at that moment due to our working together{project tinz} and she was kind of my age mate and i wanted to use her and brigde the gap between my numerous feminine problems. It wasnt as if i could not stay without a girl, but at that moment i needed a catalyst cos i was still hurting even though i hardly admitted it, so i found a perfect specimen in my project partner ifeoma. Ifeoma was the kind of girl who has *long throat* or love for demanding and the worst thing about her was that she wasnt a runz girl n so was unable to learn the act of technical demanding, making some guys she was able to befriend to run cursing within a few weeks or even days, which makes her always to be single every time. I had always ignored her in the past though i do give her money sometimes whenever she helps me with some project work and we do get along fine but i had never really given her any special attention while she always with any small opportunity do hint to me that she was single but then she wasnt my type but now i had no other choice than to use her as my catalyst though i seriously doubted whether i would succeed where others had failed anyway let me give her a try i said to myself as i dropped her at her hostel cos she was living in bishops court and somehow close to my place…..
To be continued

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