Thursday morning was lecture free day to us{we use that day for our individual project/data reading and experiment} so i invited ifeoma over cos we were already done with our own part of the experiment last week. Ifeoma soon came and i went downstairs to welcome her{cos it was her first time of coming to my hostel} and i paid the bike man. We went to my room and she relaxed as we watched a nigerian movie, later on after an hour or so i served her snacks but to my greatest suprise she took the snacks and drink{malt} and still told me she wanted to eat rice cos she hasnt eaten since morning, i smiled and said “ok i have rice and ingredients later you can go and prepare it” but she merely replied “hmmm nooo i dont even have that strength to cook” i gazed at her in astonishment cos i havnt encountered such behaviour from a female and a ruddy one at that. I kept quiet and focused my eyes back on the television screen, but she spoke again making me more angry “come and take me out nah” she said and i cursed again under my breath cos nothing annoys a guy more than when a girl he dosent fancy or like wants to turn him into an atm machine. “are you hearing me” she said bringing me to my senses and i replied her by saying that i was broke, she just sighed and said that “she is very hungry” and she was going, i just gazed at her in disbelief and astonishment cos i had never seen a girl so stupidly outspoken and i stood up while she also got up and saw her off, i did not even try to persuade her to stay cos i was very angry. I never believed a girl would behave in such manner “no wonder she is always single” i said to myself and i regreted ever trying to flirt with her in the first place. However am now back to square one again, no catalyst, no agatha, no chinwe and i searched my phone book hoping to scroll down to any available contact but couldnt find any, i was disappointed and went to my wall mirrow, looking at myself n asking what was wrong and now i had learnt a bitter lesson of appreciating what i have, cos anything that has begining must surely have an end and i unhappily took my books and began to read…
To be continued tonight…
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