My books kept me company through out the rest of that thursday, and the loneliness afforded me an opportunity to read and prepare for my final exams which was scheduled to commence on monday the first week of october, i finally recieved a text from ifeoma apologising for her behaviour and according to her text she said “i know i behaved badly today but its left for you to change me to your taste” i immediately deleted her text and forgot all about her cos am not ready to be a nanny at this stage besides i felt nothing from her. I was almost asleep around 9pm when my phone rang and stopped quickly and i lazily checked my phone and was suprised when i saw who *flashed* me, it was no other person than onyi, the police girl and my former primary school classmate, my face beemed with joy cos i had forgotten all about her and had not seen her since that day we met at the police station, and she was exactly who i needed this moment i reasoned, i called her back and after we spoke for a while we agreed to meet at a small fast food joint opposite mtn office in wethral road by 6pm on friday.
Next day{friday} i went to school as usual and after school, stopped at franks place where i ate and we spent sometime playing P.S. Around 5:00pm i drove back to my hostel freshened up and called onyi telling her that i was on my way, i left my hostel around 5:30pm and headed towards wethral road, i left early cos you never can guess owerri traffic{sometimes it moves freely while sometimes it will be terrible}. I was at the fastfood joint at exactly 6:10pm and waited for a while sipping my drink for onyi to come{i had already even started having ideas}. She soon came five minutes later with her friend who looked like a waif and i was disappointed even though i hid it. We really had a great time gisting and reviving old memories though at the end of the day i left more disappointed than ever cos she told me she was engaged to a police officer. I got back to my hostel around 7:45pm with my hopes dashed and i was back in square one again, and the most annoying part was that both chinwe and agatha never even bothered to at least *flash me* but finally girls get mind i said to myself.

Saturday morning i met chinwe at the backyard during the morning clean up and i walked towards her as i saw her, she looked at me with a plain face and i managed to tell her “that she had made me sick” she looked at me in suprise and i feigned sickness, before leaving her without another word and went upstairs, before i could get to my room a message entered my phone “am sorry, i will come and see you later” it said, i smiled to myself full of joy and arranged myself awaiting her coming. Soon it was 12noon and she had not yet showed up and i became agitated and annoyed and was really tempted to call her on phone but i held myself. Around 12:30pm i heard a gentle knock on my door and happily opened but was suprised to see agatha smiling at me “hope you have learnt how to trust” she asked me as she entered and i was really stunned cos i wasnt expecting her though i do not really know whether i was happy with her coming, she had barely sat down on my foam when i heard another knock on my door, this time it was chinwe at my door when i opened, i was really aghast and she peeped in and saw agatha “oops you have a guest” she said with a mockery tone and turned back, walking towards her room and i was shocked without the slightest idea of what next to do should i go after her?? cos this time i needed to go after the most needed and who should it be?? I was deep in thought….
To be continued tomorow….

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