i stood watching deep in thought as chinwe walked away, my mind was really in a turmoil and i briefly got myself only when she had taken the corner leading down the stairs and out of my view, i couldnt go after her, not with agatha watching me, even though i backed agatha i could still feel the burning sensation of her gaze and truthfully i had invested and put out much effort in winning agatha that i could not afford to loose her yet besides i havnt gained anything from my relationship with her that i knew that if she should decide to leave me, it will just be a matter of days for her to forget about me. Finally an evil idea crept into my head telling me that i needed to solidify my relationship with agatha so that “incase am loosing i will not loose both ways”. I smiled and closed my door and faced agatha “is that your hostel girl again? Right? She asked me as i went towards her trying to place a kiss on her lips but she shifted her face “i missed you” i said to her and she kept quiet pretending as if she did not hear me “i was even planning to attend your church as a suprise to you on sunday” i told her and her face immediately beemed into smiles and joy as she hugged me “you are a darling” she said as i smiled inwardly cos i knew i had hit her weak point “but what is this big deal about attending her church that makes her this excited” i wondered but then i noticed that its rampant among the pentecostal church members. Anyway her hug was the needed opening i had wanted and i held her caressing her back as i found her mouth with mine and we locked ourselves into a deep kiss, she really had now learnt how to kiss well from me and i smiled within me as our tongues jammed intertwining while she moaned cos she easily gets heated up with mere kissing, “today nah today” i said to myself as i moved down my hands to her bosoms, determined to carry on with my *devilish* intention of disvirgining her, but it was not really a devilish intention to me at that moment cos i saw it as ‘love making’ and besides i knew i had tried waiting till this moment, and in my confidence i had forgotten that agatha is a hard girl and might prove head strong when i reach her k---y cos any girl at that age and still a virgin would really prove difficult, but i was really determined and with that determination i pulled off her top…
To be continued

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