agatha was really inconsolable that afternoon, that she kept covering her face and crying, i soon became tired of trying to console her and was really at lost on what next to do, she even pushed me away when i tried to hold her so i kept my distance and watched her. After a while she managed to get herself and went to the bathroom while i immediately followed her and passed her the hot water. The rest of the day was really grim for both of us as she kept muttering “i have sinned, i have lost my pride” seriously that afternoon wasnt easy for both of us especially me, that my heart kept beating faster through out that day, she even refused to take anything, though as it approached evening she started talking to me and we relaxed quite a bit and watched a movie. Soon the time clocked 6pm and i looked at her asking her whether it is not time for her to be leaving cos she had never stayed past 6pm with me before cos her parents are the strict type, but i was extremely suprised when she told me that she cant go to their house in her present condition that her mum would know and its going to be disastrous for her and i gaped at her horrified cos i never believed strong willed agatha could behave in this childish way and i was further suprised when i asked her what she would tell her parents and she replied that “she dosent know yet” i wasnt finding her behaviour funny anymore though i hid my resentment and smiled at her after all i caused it. She managed to fry plantain that evening and we ate while we gisted, and she looked happy once more, the time was around 7:55pm as we were rounding up our dinner{though i was the one still eating while she sat across me and we chatted cos she didnt eat much} when i heard a gentle knock on my door and i immediately suspected that it was chinwe cos she and agatha were the only ones that normally knock in that manner{even though my neighbours do knock gently sometimes but they mostly b.ang my door} agatha was the one near the door, so she went and opened the door without even waiting for a go ahead order from me, she opened the door and my suspicion was right, it was chinwe knocking and i saw suprise in both their faces cos i knew agatha never suspected a girl to be the one knocking by that period and chinwe never really expected to see agatha by that time and i myself was never expecting to see chinwe again and i fidgeted as chinwe calmly entered my room while agatha stood at the door way watching, i swallowed and prayed for her to be civil as she advanced further and now i knew i clearly needed to make a decision or make an outsmarting move…..
to be continued

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