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the silence between us was traumatizing and chinwe finally broke the silence “i came to see how you are doing, cos you said you were sick in the morning” she said and i muttered “am alright now” chinwe smiled but her face was venomous and her eye were burning and she said “ok thank God” as she turned to go, agatha was still standing at the door and i could see that the colour of her face had changed and i felt for the first time the bitter colour of hatred and jealousy from agatha and i knew for the first time that she had gotten prove with her feminine instinct that chinwe was much more than a neighbour to me “did he tell you he was sick this morning” agatha asked and chinwe replied “yea he told me that i made him sick” with an innocent gesture, d--n i felt like disappearing that moment as agatha fixed her eyes on chinwe, her eyes had also started to burn with anger and “so that means you are not just a neighbour to him” agatha asked, pointing at me as if i was infected with leprosy “shouldnt you throw that question to him” chinwe answered with a smirk and they both faced me while i kept quiet and continued swallowing my saliva cos i needed nobody to tell me that my game was up. If looks can kill, i would have been in hell by now and the silence between us increased until chinwe gave me an askance look and sighed as she walked away banging my door as she left, while agatha stood dazed in disbelief and contempt and without another word broke down crying and saying “i have ruined myself” damm what should i do now i asked myself as i watched the unfolding drama, the plantain i had just consumed had somehow disappeared and my stomach felt empty while my heart continued in its rapid beating, i could have gotten a heart attack if not that i was young and then how am i supposed to console agatha, ‘a girl who just gave me her dignity this afternoon’ and i swallowed once more and wished i was at home. But to be a man is not all about having s.ex, you must be ready to face the consequences of your action, and i knew i must fight this battle alone and i braced myself for the most sleepless night i ever had….
To be continued
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