I stood watching her contemplating on my next move, and *****{the sentence has been hidden}, but before i could advance towards her, she had already picked up her bible and turned facing me again, she was dressed in a native taliored gown and seriously, she looked extremely stunning and beautiful and i felt like following her to church. “Please come out let me lock my door cos am already late for church service” she said as she walked towards her door, finally she had spoken to me i said to myself{appeasing my failed ego} though it wasnt the kind of speech i had expected and i immediately noticed that she was already standing outside her open door waiting for me to leave her room “d--n dis babe get mind oo” i said to myself as i walked out of her room and she locked her door, walked past me and increased her pace cos she thought i was following her, that was really an embarassing situation to me and i stood rooted to the spot i was standing in suprise watching her. Just then my phone rang and it was agatha “hope you are going to church today” she asked yea i lied cos she would have started another preaching if i had said “no” “ok dear our service is about to start i just wanted to hear your voice” she said as she ended her call. I strolled back to my room that morning dejected, and seriously i wasnt enjoying all this anymore cos am no longer having rest of mind yet i do not want to loose any of them at least not yet and i was still in a confused state when i got back to my room only to face another interrogation from adaora cos i had not noticed that i wore a weary look on my face and had not even told her before i left my room, i just got myself immediately she looked at me with concern and seriousness clearly written on her face “what is wrong with your face and where have you been” she asked me….
To be continued tonight

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