Hmmm What are you doing here, i asked but he just gave me his usual innocent smile and told me that he came to message someone. I never suspected anything until when i entered my lecture hall and one of my coursemates told me that he just saw my friend gisting with a girl and he thought we were together, i told him no that am just coming now, but on a second thought i asked him to show me the girl and i was very much flabbergasted when it was the same girl i was happy to collect her number yesterday. That was when i learnt another bitter lesson *that you should trust no one*. After lectures i tried to talk to pamela but i noticed that her behaviour changed towards me, she looked serious with a drawn face and she was answering in a monotone pattern. However i decided to forget about having any intimate relationship with her cos i knew it would not work again, even though i had no girlfriend i was wise enough to find my way, besides am a proud boy who hates any form of rude behaviour from girls and sometimes i hate it when guys do silly things in the name of trying to get a girls love. I then suspected that my friend frank must have changed pamela’s number in my phone {cos her number stopped going from that morning} i then cross checked her number,{i have this tendency of coping all my phone contacts with sim & phone} i then saw two different numbers with the same name{pamela}. Hmmm i never realised my friend could go this far or even do this kind of thing to me and it seems like in his haste in changing the number he never knew i copied it both on sim and phone anyway i controlled myself. till this day i never knew what they discussed because he is experienced enough to know that if we should both go after the same girl that she would take it as a prank and none of us will succeed or did he just deliberately do it for me not to get the girl? this was the question i was asking myself. I knew it really sounds crazy but guys do this sort of thing behind their friends back in school but i never knew it would happen to me.
However when i got home after school i told frank that i knew what he did, he tried to deny it but later gave me a flimsy excuse. I guess i learnt my lesson that day and since that day i started keeping somethings to myself {in school we hardly fight over a girl with our friend as long as she is not yet yours but we can bear grudge}. However we forgot all about it when stella called the following week to say that she is coming from Anambra and that she lost her period{mensuration}…
To be continued

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