Stella came on wednesday around noon, looking dejected and frightened even though she tried to hide it from me by always faking a smile when am around without knowing that am already aware of the recent development. Frank wasnt scared even though he looked a bit worried {which is quite natural}. That evening he went to orji to see his chemist whom he had been patronizing even before i got to know him, he came back that evening with various mixtures of drugs which stella drank that night, i was very scared because anything could happen and i can be held as an accomplice. We all knew that the worst thing that could happen to a male student is for his girlfriend to die in his room. Anyway nothing of such happened, After two days she was still yet to see her period, frank became scared and i advised its better for her to first go for a lab test to confirm, frank heeded to my advice and on saturday morning they went for a lab test in one laboratory on douglas road. When they came back i could see a look of dejection on his face and i felt for him, the result came out positive, we had a brief chat and agreed to go back to the chemist. Frank confided in me that the man’s drug have not failed him that he had used it before on one girl he used to befriend before i knew him and it worked, besides one of his friend Emeka has been patronizing the man and it had been working, so why is his own case different he asked? I told him that individual body varies that we should first go and meet the man, this time i went with him. But when we got there to our greatest suprise we met his shop locked, on further inquiry we were told that he travelled to onitsha to buy drugs and that he will be returning around wednesday or so. D--n my friend started sweating and you know once your babe is pregnant the more time you waste the more the chances of her keeping the pregnancy cos it might be too late for an abortion….

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