Girl?? We all chorused even though the question was directed to frank. uche, frank and i were sitting that fateful evening with bottles of star and malt on our table{i dont take alcohol and am already used to the constant yabbing of my friends} yes my girl or you wan deny am?? One bullet asked we were perplexed and one bullet shouted joy or dont you know her??. Then it came flashing back to me and i knew as well to frank. Joy was a fair complexioned beauty with averaged sized b---m{though some might call it big} with a big attractive bottom. She really stood out among her peers and also among those girls who can dress extremely well and equally intelligent. She just finished her secondary school that year and might be around seventeen to early eighteen years. Frank has been trying to get her attention though she was proving difficult, but she was sussy’s friend{franks niece} and frank was already making a headway with his fluent english, innocent face and good composure coupled with wealth. He even had a date with her that evening but she didnt show up, and now i reasoned maybe one bullet must be behind it. Frank grunted “yea i know joy” with one bullet saying “if you wan enjoy this your christmas better stop disturbing joy” we merely mopped at him and he retorted “you hear me” frank was still silent, one bullet got up gave us a last look and walked away. Frank immediately got up and said lets go, we stood up uche paid the bills and we moved to the car. As we were driving away frank muttered “am in love with joy and i must make her mine one bullet should go to hell” uche and i just muttered hmmmmm. To be continued….

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