We were all suprised with franks latest outburst, because we never expected that from him, he already had enough girls to satisfy any guy. We came home for one reason and that is to catch christmas fun and not to engage in a brawl over a woman with anyone. I already knew within myself that i will not follow him in this kind of fight and i guessed the same thought was in uche’s head as well. What is even wrong with frank? i wondered or is it his pride that wants to work over time? hmmm this is not in our plan i concluded under my breath. Frank and uche came over my house the following evening and our discussion was all about joy. Frank was adamant on having joy but we were skeptical because we knew one bullet must have warned joy as well. Frank however said that he knew someone must have paid one bullet for what he did but for me i couldnt care less, what if something happens what will i tell my parents i reasoned, besides here is not owerri or campus and there is no other way to escape one bullet if he decides to come after us. I reluctantly followed them to meet joy cos according to frank, leaving joy at this stage would be considered weakness which he boasted he can never succumb to. We however went to meet joy in the company of a family friend ebuka who came with a honda car accompanied with his three hefty friends. So we were seven in all with two cars going to meet joy, while i was debating in my mind whether this small girl is worth all these. I was apprehensive throughout that useless journey that i did not notice that we were not cracking our usual jokes. Anyway we picked joy and drove to one joint in anara very far from our area. I could really see the fear and suspicion in joy’s face that evening that i forgot my own worries and started smiling. Uche and i with our family friends took one table a step away from frank while joy and frank took another table. They were engrossed in a deep conversation that evening, and later after we had dropped joy off frank declared that he must fu*k joy really quick even if it means taking her to our apartment in owerri.
To be continued

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