However as days went by, joy became a constant guest in franks home though she was always dragged into coming by sussy who was also a partner in crime. Franks parents however had no problem with joys visits since she always comes with sussy whom they like very much so they never suspected a thing. I on the other hand used the opportunity to get closer to sussy and we soon became good friends with me nursing the agenda of her grazing my bed one day. Sussy is a very attractive girl with fine curves but she was a bit short{ some say she is averaged} and fair in complexion, i just had a lustful crush on her because she wasnt my type of girl{i do prefer tall slim athletic girls}.
Finally it was NEW YEAR, new year eve is somehow sweeter than christmas cos of the numerous activites which follows it, the fireworks which makes it lively, and by then almost every family is back home. So i was basking in the euphoria of celebrations, drinks and food on that new year when i recieved a call from franks mother that i should come. I hurried with my engagements and got to franks home around 4:30pm but was suprised with the sight that greeted me. Franks jaw was swollen with his right eye red, i gasped but we had no time to talk for his mum immediately came out and demanded i should tell her the full story about our escapades with joy which would warrant her son fighting with a thug. I merely gasped, looked at frank for a sign which was not forth coming. i looked at franks mum and her mood wasnt anything joyful, i was confused within myself because i did not know how much she had already heard or what frank had told her. I just looked from mother to son, just then i realised i have lost my voice, what should i tell this woman i wondered and i just regretted ever coming to franks home that fateful evening….
To be continued

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