Mumy i said, when i finally got my voice and composure, joy is sussys friend and she is planning to write imsu post ume and we are all helping her, i said, which kind of help she inquired further and i innocently answered “mumy frank do take students in tutorials in school and i was there when he promised to help joy with a few subjects i answered” franks mum cooled down a bit, i guess she was flattered in her sons academic prowness which i fabricated but she asked me again “but why did frank tell me that joy was his friend” i just laughed and said yea joy is our friend just that you did not understand what he meant. She however started advicing us in her normal motherly manner and also said she was very sad when she heard from some women that her son was fighting. I appologised on franks behalf after which she cautioned us and left, i thanked my stars that she didnt confront sussy. Immediately she left i asked frank “bia wetin come happen nah, how come” he replied that he went out to buy recharge card when one bullet immediately stopped in his front came out from his car and tried to give him a dirty slap which he avoided but he was too late to see the second blow which landed perfectly on his jaw before people stopped the fight and i asked him what is his plan now which his quickly answered saying that he has suffered in the cause of this adventure and that he must f--k the girl{ according to students mentality once you have not gotten intimate with your girl it means you have not really gotten her or she is not yet your confirmed girlfriend} we however concluded to leave joys case pending till we return back to school but i immediately asked him, how about sandra? Or have you forgotten she would be around? Frank smiled and said “hmmm dat one, she will not live with me again this year ooo” this year is going to be quite interesting i said within me…
To be continued

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