Soon new year was over and everyone started returning to their various abodes. We left home for school on january 10th and i really had a heavy load on my chest which i needed to relieve and that was to give frank the news of my packing out. I knew it would be very easy for some people to do, but i found it quite hard though i knew it wasnt my fault but i was kind of feeling guilty. However i knew i must break this news to him this day, even if it will cost our friendship. A friendship i had endured in silence to keep no matter the betrayals and the sufferings which came with it. That evening after arranging the room because sandra was not yet back, i told frank that my uncle built a new hostel in okwu uratta and that he gave me a room there{which was a lie}. He was excited because he knew okwu uratta is better off than works layout due to their constant power supply and numerous beautiful girls staying in that area, but his exictement was cut short when i told him that i would be packing to go there alone, the shock on his face was unmistakeable, he couldnt believe what he just heard but i told him that i will not be taking any property which we already have in our apartment with me{cos we contributed equally to furnish the room} that i would purchase new ones. But frank was not caring about properties, he just took it that i have stabbed him in the back but however i learnt another lesson about life that day, which is that sometimes we would be bound to make decisions which might not go down well with others but we still have to do it cause our happiness comes first. The mood the following morning was far from pleasant when i packed some few things and off to okwu uratta{the land of eden} i knew i had lost a friend but the excitement of my new apartment easily made me forget about my friend, and here i am in my dream land where i plan to get disvirgined….
To be continued

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