As i entered my new apartment that morning i surveyed my new enviroment and was really pleased, it was a three storey building with each room being self contained with a massive balcony per room and a wardrope, it also had a good view and was surrounded by many other hostels. When I entered my room, i arranged some of my things and immediately left for douglas to get some new electronics in which i bought a 17inches LG flat screen tv{which was the one i can afford then} a tv stand, ceiling fan and some other electronics which i had not bought previously when i was furnishing the room last year. Later that day as i was entering my hostel with the things i bought i met a beautiful slim damsel on the staircase, she was dark and average in height with a moderate b---m and Bottom. We exchanged pleasantries and names after which she told me that we are staying on the same floor{which was the last floor} she then promised to check on me later, her name was nma. I however forgot all about her cos i was busy setting up my electronics with the help of an electrician who was helping me fix the ceiling fan and my MY~TV Cable which i bought last year. I was really tired throughout that day that i had to go to bed early, i also noticed that my new neighbours were yet to return from their homes. But i was awoken from my sleep around 10:30pm when there was a gentle consistent knock on my door, i thought it was the security man and drowsily opened my door but was shocked by who i saw, standing in front of my door was nma clutching a teddy bear and dressed in a short transparent sleeveless nightie with a bum~short. I thought she came to collect something but sleep immediately left my eye when she said “val sorry for disturbing you buh i would really like to spend the night in your room cos none of my neighbours are around and am staying alone” “ofcourse you are graciously welcomed” i immediately answered and shifted while opening the door wider as she stepped in. I almost did *jigijigijigi* on my head like papa ajasco cos that was the first time in my life a girl is going to sleep in my room. Definitely good times are really coming i said within me.
to be continued…

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