However we spend the night gisting while i was at the same time reasoning all i could do with her but d--n i was scared to make a move beside the virginity of a thing wasnt helping matters, however we soon slept off while i pretended and behaved like a gentle man. We soon became tight friends doing many things together and she taught me how to romance a girl{pratically} however she did not have a boyfriend because she was a runz girl and most of them hardly have a boyfriend cos the boy might try to hinder them though some of them might have a student bleeping partner. I was learning real quick in my new enviroment that i realised that i have been missing alot by living in works layout. Here girls hardly hide anything and the boys act maturedly by composing themselves even when having a rough play with girls. Babes tend to enjoy this rough play like playfully handling each other, sitting on a guys lap almost Unclad while playing with him at the same time, though it is mostly done when one or more people are around and woe betides any guy who his manliness would rise in this occation cos he will recieve the numerous yabbing which everyone would throw at him, however i realised that most of this guys that play with them babes hadly go beyond that, cos the girls never take them serious. I on the other hand was an introvert even though i rapour with them i hardly play those rough play with them cos i was shy but they never knew and that even brought most of them closer to me cos they thought i was a big boy. I and nma still continued our usual kiss, handle and suck but i never was able to get myself to lick her, because putting my mouth n tongue on the damned thing was really awful to me and it really vexed her but i really couldnt do it. I know i bleeped up but hmmmm its not easy to do that thing for the first time and i guess thats why i havnt yet bleeped her till now yet i want to disvirgin…
To be continued

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