I slept that night thinking only of her. Early the next morning around 6:30am as i was waking up from sleep, i heard a knock on my door and was surprised by seeing christy on my door as i opened it and the events of last night came playing back to me. She entered my room and sat on the bed, “how was your night”, she asked me and i smiled, “i couldnt sleep” i replied her and she smiled back and asked me “why” and i said to her that i was thinking about her, she just laughed and said “naughty boy” as she got up and told me that ‘she just wanted to know how i was doing that she is going to prepare for school’, and i smiled and told her to come back fast and she left. Seriously i cant really explain how i felt at those moments, however another thing that drew me very much close to her was her ability to cook, she derives joy in cooking and she is one of the best cooks i have met so far even though i do contribute much more money than i am supposed to, but at least she was feeding me extremely well as if i was at home. This even made me to start discouraging sussy from coming, i have also changed my atitude towards nma, and i wasnt sending her again, nma even started spreading gossip around the hostel that a girl is controlling me, who cares *kwanu* i even closed my ears to gossip and even stopped associating with other hostel chics whom i used to rapour with sometimes, that i knew made them kind of to start believing nma. For my own side what i knew was christy that i even started leaving my academics to think only of her.
So on that fateful night i got disvirgined we were watching a nigerian movie while i was caressing all parts of her body my hand could reach cos she was lying on me, after a while she moaned got up took off her clothes and immediately ripped mine off, her eyes was blazing as she put her mouth on my nip*les sucking licking n biting, while my hammer was brushing her wet k---y after a while she got down on my hammer and s----d hard even pulling the d--n thing as if she wants to rip it off, i was already in jupiter with my eyes closed, she then gave my hammer one more pull, then pulled her self up and then lowered herself with my hammer gracefully penetrating her. Jeeeeeeeeeeez this thing sweet ooooooo
to be continued

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