After my first experience of s.ex i now fell in love with it, most of my idle moments were now spent thinking only of s.ex, i kept on wanting to repeat and feel that c----x which accompanies s.ex, at any given chance we got i and christy will engage in s.exual encounter yet i wasnt satisfied cos the sweetness of it often makes me insatiable. Chei Now that i knew the reason why men would go extra lengths just to bleep and since then i stopped blaming them. Since the period i disvigined, i now started noticing many changes in me, i was now brighter and bold and i can now be alone and start feeling s.exual urge which dosent happen when i was a virgin. I do admire women, i do get excited then, yes but not compared to what am feeling now, it just seems like my hormone have assumed that am now a man and started playing manly functions on me. The more i bleeped the sooner i got hungry for more.
By this period i and frank have reconciled though we never really quarelled but just avoided each other{ like i said earlier we dont fight over a babe who is not our girlfriend though we might bear grudges} he had now gotten accomodation in aladinma, a new hostel close to friendship hostel and now he had decided to break up with sandra totally. I was really amused watching the whole drama unfold, he told sandra that he was packing to a new hostel to stay with a cousin{which was a lie} that she should now go back to her school and be visiting him from there which sandra unhappily accepted and so he had to pack into the new apartment alone and happy because according to him this is now the time to “knack n go” which he did not waste time in doing to my extreme surprise.
He started with a girl called vera, she was in the same level with us{3ool cos we took the 2nd semester exam immediately we resumed n started a new level} she is fair, beautiful and has body a bit but not fat or plumpy. She also had a good “behind” and nice bosoms and my friend applied his normal magic which i do call jazz.
According to frank, the chic was having problems with her boyfriend when he approached her, she looked sad so he tried to calm her down and expertly dragged her to his room after serving her some snacks which she declined, he said he then moved closer to her and started playing with her hands while they were still talking, after which he calmly shifted his hand up and she felt his touch and did as if she was in heat, he grinned evily{ i later found out when i became experienced that girls who are used to sex fall easily if they had not done it for long or having problem with their guy} he then slipped his hand into her blouse unhooking the bra while cuppling another bare b---m with a free hand, she groaned and just then her phone rang….
To be continued…..

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