After answering her call, vera got herself and declined frank from touching her further. However their relationship sped off and just within a few weeks they had begun behaving like married couples, however their relationship took a dramatic twist when sandra found out and engaged vera in a ferocious fight and it all started this fateful day.
It was a saturday afternoon and i was very lonely cos christy travelled that early morning to her home, i was watching wrestling on the t.v when my phone rang, it was frank, i picked up and he asked me whether i would care to join him and attend a birthday party of a former hostel mate at works layout, this was exactly what i needed to get me out of this boring mood and i answered him yea “that i am coming”, the party was scheduled to start by 7pm. I got to franks apartment around 6:45pm and after much waiting and delaying we left for works layout around 7:50pm in the company of vera and a friend who carried us in his v.boot mercedes. When we got to ‘works’ that evening the party had already started and we joined in the frenzy but our joyful mood was interupted when one of the hostel girls in that ‘our former hostel’ ran to frank telling him that sandra was fighting with someone, we rushed to the scene to see sandra hitting vera while the latter was trying to duck some blows unsuccessfully, we were momentarily stunned cos we never expected to see sandra there, however frank rushed n separated them both with the help of other people around{though much people did not notice the fight due to loud music and its being dark at night} frank held sandra trying to lead her away but surprisingly she charged at frank giving him two dirty slaps at once, frank was caught off guard so he lost balance, while sandra still charging pushed him and he fell inside a nearby gutter. We needed to intervene this time so i and the other guy rushed and held the struggling sandra, i never knew the fury of a woman could be this strong n vera never forgot her encounter with sandra till this day. Vera left us immediately and tried to stop any cab she saw while i ran to her trying to calm her down….
To be continued

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