I tried all i could to stop vera from leaving us behind, but she was very adamant on going so finally she stopped a tricycle{keke} and entered so i had to return to my friend. The fight is now over with some other concerned people leading sandra away, so i met frank and told him that vera has gone, he looked worried and we decided to forget about the party and go home. We reached franks hostel very late that night it must be around 11pm, he tried calling vera but she wasnt picking, frank knew that he was up for a tough time this time around because he told me that he and veras roomate were not in good terms because she wanted vera to go back to her former boyfriend and now he said ‘she will use this opportunity to convince her the more’ but i told him not to worry that she might not even tell her roomate what just happened which he replied that he doubts. We slept on that sour note, and early the following morning i left for my apartment to prepare for church.
My lectures was about ending for the day on monday afternoon when i got a call fröm emeka{franks friend in alvan} ‘that i should come that frank was being held by the security in their school’. Not again! I gasped fearing the worst, i hurried with what i was doing left school for bank road, where i withdrew some money wìth my atm and headed straight to alvan. When i reached, i called emeka who came out looking very frightened and i asked him what had happened which he merely told me that frank wants to land him in trouble with the school security. “You cant be serious” i said but how can he even do that i prompted further and he looked at me and said ‘frank was beating sandra inside his room and she fought back which resulted in a fight, with the whole hostel boys rushing on frank when they heard that an outsider came to beat one of their girls'{emeka was living inside school hostel which looked like a semi dormitory inside alvan} whaaaaat i shouted.
To be continued….

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