We went to the school security office and i saw frank looking dejected, “that serves him right” i said within me cos i dont really know what frank thinks he is, he has stepped a bit too far this time but am just there to help as a friend though. We met two men and a lady there and started pleading with them but they refused bluntly saying that frank is not a student of the school so that means that it is not an internal matter anymore that he would be handed over to the police for engaging in action capable of disturbing public peace, fighting in school premises and many other offences they listed, but they later transferred us to another office where we saw sandra. The man in that office was however more lenient and listened to our pleading, surprisingly sandra defended frank claiming that she started the fight and not frank, this really helped us in our defence as we pleaded that frank was the victim. That was how luck smiled on frank and i really felt for sandra cos no matter everything she still loved him and tried to defend him. We were left to go after paying 5k with the promise of coming back the following day for the closure of the case while they still held franks school i.d card. We got back to franks hostel around 5pm that day looking very tired while we discussed how the next day would be, as we were discussing frank got got a text from emeka telling him that from that day that their friendship is over. “Hmmm nawa 4u oooo” frank said as he read the text…
We however settled the case on tuesday morning after paying another 6k, cos sandra and emeka was charged 2k each while the extra 2k was for the man handling the case and we paid for all of them. Frank wasnt in a good mood after spending such money but i guess it is a price to pay for being naughty. We left on that sour note while i hurried back to see my sweet christy whose charm has really taken over my head….
To be continued

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