Seriously christys charm has really taken over my head that i stopped reasoning well, all my thoughts were now on her, by this time we had almost started living like husband and wife while i bore the burden on all expenses. I always finish my bulky allowance even before the end of the month, i pay for foodstuffs, pay for her hairdressing, clothes, part of her text books, still take her out almost every weekend yet she is never satisfied until i go broke, my savings is also now dwindling yet i did not felt it. By this time it seems my love for her has gotten over her head that she even threatens to leave me over any minor argument yet i continued to love her.
Meanwhile frank had managed to reconcile with vera by this time and they both were often staying as couples{ this is one of the things plaguing most higher institution and its now a reigning trend} however it did not stop him from his womanizing even though he now recieves most of them in my apartment because of vera. Until another funny episode happened, it was during the imsu post u.m.e for that year. He recieved a call from stella sunday evening telling him that she is coming over to write imsu post u.me and that she is going to spend some days with him, frank became worried and confused because he could not take her to his apartment because of vera and he still could not leave his apartment and stay with stella in mine cos vera would be very suspicous and he still dosent want to lose vera, but this time around i was lacking in ideas and we just waited patiently for stella to come first then let fate decide how we will play it. But on my mind i knew that frank would lose one of them by the end of the day though i kept mute and watched in silent. Stella came on tuesday evening{cos her exam was scheduled to hold on wednesday} looking very beautiful and happy to see her sweetheart whom she has being missing since after the abortion but frank wasnt too happy and comfortable seeing her yet we smiled and welcomed her and we boarded a tricycle{keke}….
To be continued

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