We stopped at a fast food joint that evening, where we all ordered fried rice, as we were eating frank told stella that she would be sleeping in my place for the night cos his roomate had guests who also came for the exam, so he dosent want her to be uncomfortable, stella was suprised and asked him “but you never told me you have a roomate?” in which he replied “yea cos the issue never came up” however stella swallowed her disappointment and followed us to my apartment with frank looking very uneasy, they gisted about inconsequential things while i was watching trace tv without paying any attention to them until around 9:30pm when frank told stella that “he is going back to his hostel”, stella was furious and demanded to know the reason he was going but frank was just giving unmeaninful excuses which infuriated stella the more, i guess frank has checked his odds and decided that keeping vera would be better since she is around with him than keeping stella who came from anambra, in as much as i saw his decision as wise i could not help but enjoy the unfolding drama which was happening with frank trying to beg stella with unreasonable excuses to let him go, stella however became more suspicious when franks phone began to ring and he wasnt picking it. Frank my friend was really in a big dilemma and you just needed to be there to see the funny scene unfolding, i was too filled up with food that night to intervene{cos i made sure i ate to my satisfaction with drinks when we were at the fast food} and even if i should intervene what should i have said. Stella immediately grabbed her bag saying that “she is leaving that night”, “hmmm e no go easy this night oo”i said to myself as i lazily stood up and told stella not to do anything she will regret “after all you have no where else to go and you came for exam which is more important” i said, stella thought about it for a while and sat down giving frank the needed chance he wanted to use and go and he hurridly said good night and left not caring for a reply from stella, i could still see the picture of my friend running back to his apartment with great speed till this day while stella in a picture of disappointent and unbelieve, that someone she risked everything for would do this to her….
To be continued

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