However i made sure stella was comfortable that night, even though i knew she slept in a very bad mood that night, but supposing i was in franks shoe would he had done the same for me¿ I wondered, even though i prayed never to be in such situation.
I knew frank did not sleep that night cos as early as 6:30am he was in my place, stella wasnt even paying him attention, that morning she was just preparing furiously for her exam while frank was wise enough to let her be. We later accompanied her to school that morning while we hanged around and waited for her to finish. After her exams she followed us to my place so as to carry her bag, she was still in a vexing mood while frank did all he could to make her happy. When we got to my place frank signalled to me to give them small chance and i left them and went to christys room{christy and frank wasnt really the best of friends but she just tolerated him because of me}i and christy however spent the time discussing franks predicament. About one and half hour later frank flashed me and i went back to my room the time was around 3pm but i was suprised to see stella fully prepared to go with a very sad face, i tried to talk to her but she insisted on going unless frank would take her to his house, frank himself had gotten tired of begging by this time and was already boiling inside so we had no other option than to charter a tricycle and follow her to the park while frank was trying his best to control his temper. When we got to the park frank gave stella #500 which she unhappily collected while tongue lashing him, frank got so angry and a bitter exchange of words erupted while i merely dragged frank out before they will cause a scene cos people have already started listening{trust nigerians} as we were going frank was boiling and saying “imagine this idot, i even try give you #500 she still dey form, imagine i no even f--k anyting self, money wey i for use do better thing” he was ranting….
To be continued

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