However after the stella episode, we still continued our usual life and gradually entered the 2nd semester of our 300level. Christy still continued her usual demanding and dominating attitude and i still endured cos i was helplessly or stupidly in love with her which she very much knew and was acting as if i will not survive without her. However she never denied me s.ex which i was very much grateful for and it even started looking as if i have become addicted to it. I hardly travel home anymore to the utter amazement of my mum, which they started complaining about but i never even minded them, i only do come back once i a while and its mostly just to collect my monthly allowance. I hardly even pay attention to lectures anymore, *talkless* of buying text books or sorting some of my courses, but how would i?? When christy seems to know when i have money and often demands, we however do quarrel sometimes which i would end up begging her later, i went through all these silently and never even bothered to tell frank, i guess its because i have learnt not to trust him.
However in the cause of our intimate adventures, i and christy do get careless sometimes though mostly my fault cos any time we do have intercouse without protection{though very rare} i usually pour inside her, i was young and very foolish then, however we do try the water therapy after the se.x which we just do, not because we believe in its effectiveness but just to satisfy our mind. However our careless life continued until one day when christy told me that she has not seen her period after the normal three day window period she do normally get. Without wasting anytime we went for a test in which she was confirmed to be pregnant. There was tears in her eyes when she showed me the result.
Jeeeeeez what do i do now?? A novice like me…..
To be continued

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