What do i do know? I was in a state of dilemma and despair. That night i was unable to sleep with my thoughts wandering and seeking for solution, i knew we have been using protection during intercourse all these while, apart from a few days ago when we were carried away, i cursed my luck and wondered why only one mistake a few days ago will result to this. Well it has happened what i need now is solution and not blame myself. To get drugs for its termination would be easy since its only a few days old and a blood clot i thought but then i needed a trusted friend who will be by christys side cos her roomate is out of the question{they are close friends but she refused to tell her} then a smile came over my face cos i remembered sandra, and who could be a perfect ally if not she i concluded. But then i do not have her number.
Another task which i then needed to do real quick was to get sandras number and i set off for franks house that early morning. I collected her number without frank noticing and went to alvan{sandras school} when i got there i knew it would really be hard to convince sandra cos she might not believe me and might think its a setup cos since after that fight with vera we havnt heard from her. However i managed to convince her and she followed me to my apartment where i introduced christy to her{cos they havent meant before}. Later that day christy and sandra went out and bought some drugs while my mind was in a turmoil.
Sandra was a perfect nanny that day and she assisted christy while she took the drugs, she was really the right choice cos of her level of experience.
We all slept in my room that night, while i feared the worst, i knew by now that i have gotten a permanent seat in hell and my sins are now beyond redemption, but in my heart i promised never to leave christy no matter the outcome. Will she survive this?? I kept asking myself…
to be continued

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