However nothing bad happened and she started seeing her period the following day, i was really happy and i was also really indepted to sandra i really do owe her alot till this day. In my joy i bought a 15k phone for christy cos it was also her birthday month and we soon got over that era and i promised myself that i would never engage in unprotected sex again.
Our second semester was not long in ending and i started preparing for my 400l I.T year{industrial training}.
By this time christys behaviour has changed from bad to worst and she has also increased her nagging and complaining, now she has started comparing me with other guys and sometimes even telling me of some wealthy suitors who are coming for her hand in marriage.
I never believed a girl who went through all these trauma not very long ago would be behaving such way to me, even when i feel very much indepted to her but yet it seems like she was gathering courage to break up with me with every passing day. She knew my family background very well, and even knew that i would really be able to take care of her after we graduate, but why is she behaving like this and often trying to make me jealous i wondered.
However after the end of the second semester, we all traveled cos it was christmas once again but my joyful mood was cut short when i recieved a text message from her telling me that it is over between us and that she is moving on, i tried calling her but she refused to pick my calls. I was very much heart broken and spent throughout that christmas with my family especially my father{in order not to feel the trauma am passing through} who i started following around in his activities much to his delight cos according to him am now assuming my responsibilities in which he rewarded me with a neat tokunbo toyota camry car as a new year present. At last am now a confirmed big boy i said in happiness. I left home for school around 8th of january that year leaving my heart at home, cos this time around i will not fall in love again and i sure will break many hearts…..
To be continued

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