Frank was very happy for me about my new ride and he was the first person to pay me a visit the day i returned, he was accompained by emeka and i was really suprised to see two of them together, however emeka in his jovial manner said he had forgiven frank cos frank was his boy in which frank retorted “who be your boy” in a jovial manner. I was happy that at least they had all settled their problems and they virtually dragged me out that evening saying i must buy them drinks to celebrate my new car. We went to one small joint at prefab that evening, the place was a bit scanty and they started filling me the details of their excapades last xmas (cos i wasnt able to hang out with frank during xmas) i got to know that emeka spent the christmas with frank in franks hometown and i then knew that last christmas was really explosive for them.
Emeka was a guy older than frank with enormous s.exual experience, but one thing about him was that he does not discriminate anything woman apart from mad ones. His love for the feminine gender is so much that he even f*cks both married, single, young and older woman, frank even whispered to me that he had fathered a child for a married woman in okigwe where he lives. Though he had a girlfriend in okigwe who he had turned into a s.exual experimenting machine, but the most funny thing about him is his love to f--k without protection and his practise in traditional medicine which he often uses on his girlfriend expecially in avoiding or terminating pregnancy. So during this last christmas he really had a good time and guess what?? He was gisting us about his intimate exploits with no other person but a married woman in franks village, according to him they are the best, i could not help myself but to listen to his amusing story which he was recounting with a loud voice with the help of three bottles of beer he had already consumed….
To be continued…..

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