Franks story was mostly focused on joy and how he finally got her{which i would describe in subsequent posts}. However we later left the joint and went clubbing in all seasons hotel that night. The whole place was lively with numerous visitors i guess who are yet to leave town after the xmas celebration.
A few weeks after my return to my area with my new car, my popularity increased i became friends to many big boys n babes, even alliance president, student leaders, s.u.g president and even top members of different fraternities were now on my speed dial, i was really overwhelmed and added swag to my qualities, i was really greatful to mother luck for freeing me from a silly relationship which almost consumed me, i have learnt my lesson and i sure will not fall into the same pit again, now i have numerous babes who were my friends with *benefit* and what more should i ask for?. As for christy she was really suprised even though she maintained her distance but i figured she must be expecting me to come and beg her which i never did, i do still feel for her but its not my fault besides she might have gotten a better man as she wanted by now, however whenever we do come across each other we do greet politely and it ends there, now she has also known that i can survive without her and have also seen the numerous friends i have made within few weeks cos anyone visiting me must pass her room before mine.
She was my first love yes and i could have done anything for her but i guess fate has its way of doing things and now i have many things that will occupy my mind and time. However what i did not know is whether i will accept her back if she comes begging, but will her feminine pride allow her to come? And if she comes would i blindly forgive and forget? This was a one million question rocking my mind….
To be continued

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