The love affair between my friend frank and Amaka continued growing to the extent that she literally and systematically turned our room gradually into her house, and to the extent that most of her clothes are now in our room and she also sleeps in our room every other night, much to my annoyance and my friend’s displeasure. Frank was a guy who Loves Intimacy like food but he dosen’t believe in a single partner, cos according to him “you cant eat one soup everytime”, so amaka’s continous abode in our room made him very uncomfortable even though he confided in me that amaka was good in love making and that she dosent easily get tired. Amaka bombarded my friend with so much love making that my friend even forgot about attending his lectures and spent most of his time with her, and i could not even count how many times i had mistakenly bumped into them in the act, after a busy day at school… I soon started feeling uncomfortable with the whole thing, that i now prefer spending all my free time in juliet’s room.

But however Frank soon got tired of her and started looking for a way out but then amaka had come to stay and wasnt really going to leave that easily, until frank decided to travel for two weeks and so she really had no choice but to find her way, cos there is definetly no way she could stay with me when her boyfriend had travelled………
To be continued

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