I was in this state of reasoning when once more our university system was plunged into another nationwide ASUU strike again and students were forced to return to their various homes, however i was now doing my Industrial training{I.T} so i wasnt affected in the strike even though i opted to do my I.T in our school research facility. However with students leaving school for their various homes, everywhere became scanty with only few male students and runz babes being around, so school became boring once again, so i needed to revive my relationship with sussy again whom i neglected during my affair with christy.
Sussy was so happy to come back in my life again and it was so very easy for me. She now became my companion during this lonely days even though she normally comes every friday and goes on monday but it was very ok for me cos she always comes prepared n loaded with foodstuffs which will last me through the week coupled with the beautiful s.ex which also comes with it, but the most suprising thing was that she never for one day demanded any money from me which i do appreciate. She really wanted us to have something strong between us but that wasnt on my mind even though i knew she had a guy who was dying for her and paying her bills. She often denies him whenever i ask and i will just pretend and change the topic, after all why should i care when she spends her money and also gives me her sweet honey pot to taste from. I knew the guy really liked her, cos most of her phones was bought by him and she had mistakenly told me so, but thats girls life for you, they can never be hoped on. However it seems like the guy later found out, cos he started sending me some nasty texts and calls telling me that i should leave his fiancee for him, which i replied him that he should sort his problem with her and not me cos i did not kidnap her, yet he continued disturbing me and i on my own side intensifed f*ckin sussy cos am now pass caring and he is not my match cos he is *swaggerless*
to be continued

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