By this time only the brave heart or cultists were still around in okwu uratta and anyone coming there really runs the risk of being robbed and beaten, on a very good day i would have relocated to a safer place but now my level has changed, though i hardly go out alone cos i have some bad friends who are so delighted to follow me around as my deputies. Frank travelled home but later returned cos his area is more peaceful and secured so we do go hunting for chics together until i decided to teach the swaggerless i.diot who has been disturbing me a lesson and thanks for nneka{one of the big time runz girl in my hostel} who lended me her voice and seduced the he goat b-----d after adding his number on 2go. It took nneka just two weeks to brainwash the i.diot and invited him to okwu uratta and he stupidly came. Stopping at okwu uratta junction he called nneka who told him that she will send someone to pick him up since the place was still far from her hostel and dry. I went in the company of two of my hefty deputies{will not mention their names} while the rest of the squad was waiting for us at an uncompleted building along okwu uratta road. I drove to the junction picked up the juman{he even entered without fear} but he became alarmed when we drove into an un completed building, he tried to question us but a dirty slap was landed on his face, he was stunned momentarily and before he could regain himself he had been dragged into the uncompleted building which was also a meeting place for u know nahwink.{intepret urself}. Intimidation is really sweet oo, my swaggerless guy had already pissed on himself but who will not be when you find yourself in an unknown territory surrounded with seven guys and the whole place reeking with marijuana…
To be continued

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