the guy was well beaten and was left after we saw he was in a deep cry begging for his life, my guys wanted to torture him further by trying to give him marijuana to smoke cos he seems like a non smoker but i prevented them cos he might run mad, he was later allowed to go with his soiled clothes after i had introduced myself to him though we did not take anything from him, he was really glad to leave there in one piece and since then he never disturbed me again but i dont know whether he told sussy though i doubt if he would. I settled my guys and took nneka out as i promised her, however on our way i stopped at franks place and picked him cos he was expecting a 2go chic from aba that evening. We spent our evening that day at mbari kitchen while i was even trying to play my card well to see whether nneka would give me her k---y this night even though i know she dosent do students. Franks visitor from aba called around 6pm and we went to i.t.c park to pick her up, however frank was disappointed when he saw her and angrily told me that this was not the package he paid for{cos he sent her t.fare} well you should manage her like that i said as we walked towards her cos we spotted her first. She was a short girl with small b---m n behind though with fairly beautiful face{frank likes big b---m and behind chics} and it also seems that she did not like frank when she saw him cos her behaviour was kind of indifferent to frank that evening, however she followed us to franks apartment while nneka engaged her in a conversation, i spent little time at franks place and left with nneka after frank has given me the sign, i left knowing that enough gist would be coming tomorow{cos she was the first 2go girl he had ever invited}. As we reached my hostel around 7:30pm that evening i tried to sweet talk nneka into coming to my room that night, she smiled and promised to come once she had freshen up, i waited and waited and slept off the bad girl never showed up….
To be continued

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