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frank called me around 7am the following morning and begged me to come and drop his visitor at the park, i grunted “this early?? Ok keep food for me am coming” in which he laughed and ended the call. On getting to franks house we had a hurried breakfast and we later went to drop his visitor at the park. I noticed that there was some tension between them and i wondered what must have happened last night between them. Frank gave her 1k and we left after saying bye but looking at frank he seemed not too pleased, “o boy this one your face dey like dis wetin happen” in which he sighed and said “nna eeh dat girl no gree me oo” i laughed and said “how come nah?? Ur juju no work again” he smiled and on our way home he told me that he romanced her, fondled her b---m but she did not allow him to touch her jean trouser which she wore throughout the night and the worst was that she was making love calls in his presence, i laughed loud and we joked about her but deep down in my heart i even wondered whether the girl allowed him to romance her cos sometimes we boys make up story just to save face…
This strike period was the season 2go madness started in my school n almost all the boys were boasting of having f*cked from 2 girls upwards courtesy of 2go and every guy was trying his luck, i tried also but gave up after some embarassing moments which i and frank encountered, and which almost all the whole guys agreed to be true and it was that majority of the easy to get 2go girls are far from beautiful{except for those you know already before adding them}. Frank told me on friday morning a week after the encounter with the aba girl that he has a date that evening that i should come with him, i reluctantly followed him while i dropped my key with our gateman cos i was expecting sussy. On that fateful evening we went to mr fans mbari street cos, the place is more comfortable with a bit privacy than other fastfoods around, we waited for franks date and it wasnt long before we saw her standing at the entrance door trying to locate frank. She was a woman of about 26 with very huge b---m and behind and very fat{the kind we call big mama} frank was shocked and told me this wasnt who he saw at the picture, i told him to relax as i waved her while holding myself not to laugh….
To be continued

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