Franks mood was far from pleasant as we chatted with her that evening, i knew my friend was boiling inside because of the silly expenses he had just made, she was however eating her rice n devouring the chicken while we sipped our drinks and watched. I almost laughed out loud when she asked frank what he thought about her now that he had seen her and my friend answered “you have everything i need in a woman with a fake smile” well she definitely has them in excess i said within me.
After we had dropped her off around her place in ikenegbu i told frank “congrats for you have added a new girl in your list” and he anwered me “thunder fire you there” i laughed out loud asking him whether he will not at least do one round with her since she eaten his money but he merely asked me to change the subject and i knew he was angry. However i experienced almost the same situation not too long after franks and realised how it hurts. There was this particular girl We have been 2go friends not too long and i wanted to see her since she stays close, She lives in nekede and she promised to follow me to my house after we had seen each other first at a fastfood joint for her to confirm whether she likes me, so we had a date at one new fastfood in new market{have forgotten the name of the place} so i went from school{my place of I.T}with my coursemate promise, as we got there she was already seated waiting for me and noticing a girl sitting alone we went towards her and she smiled when she saw us while my mood changed. She had a large face with an awkward big body and around the age of 25, seriously she wasnt looking like that in her picture and i just suddenly found myself in franks shoes however promise helped me out as he took over the talking while i looked on, i just sat there and decided never to go after 2go girls again unless it is a girl i know personally. However the most annoying part was when we were about to leave the place, she demanded for a takeaway which i did not oblige her, she became angry while i thanked my stars for meeting her at the fastfood n not in my hostel….
To be continued

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